We believe that “GOD IS LOVE”.
That by this love we all have been drawn into His marvelous light.

We believe the true reflection of the child of God is the manifesting of God’s love(I John 4:16).
We believe that there is “one Lord, one faith and one baptism”(Eph. 4:5).

We know there is only one doctrine as taught by the apostles.
One Lord whose name is Jesus, by which salvation is given to all that would receive it.

One baptism by complete immersion in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.

We believe we are witnesses to people of the greatness of Christ through our lifestyle and the ministering of His Word in love to those who do not know Him.

We believe that eternal life is the result of His grace and our belief and walk in Jesus Christ.
That this life is not worthy to be compared to the eternal glory which God has prepared for us.

We believe in the in-filling of the Holy Ghost and that this is necessary for the life of any believer.