Pastor Magness was born in Wurzburg, Germany an orphan, that by grace was adopted by Rosie and Earnest Magness and brought to these great United States of America. After stops in several states, Pastor Magness was settled in the small and wonderful town of Boley, Oklahoma. It is here under the guidance of his grandmother, Leona that he began to learn things he would later use in the ministry. Leona put him in the 4H club where he wrote and memorized speeches that Leona would teach him how to recite. Her influence is one that has been great though it was very short. Her instruction allowed Pastor Magness as a young boy to experience the reward of diligence as he won a number of speaking competitions in the 4H. He would learn how to use his physical strength and his mind as Leona would have him plowing the field, mowing the yard, taking care of the pigs, burning the trash, finding and picking wild fruit for jelly, working as a janitor at the town hall, being a junior volunteer fire fighter with his father as chief among other things. She would take him to church every Sunday where he sang in the youth choir and served as a very young assistant Sunday School Superintendent. Through his grandmother’s influence, Pastor Magness learned many things he would later employ in the things of salvation.

   Pastor Magness repented and was baptized in The Name of Jesus in August of 1985 at the age of 19 under the ministry of Pastor Fannie Mae Henderson, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Mt. Zion Apostolic Church on 2nd and Phillips. The then, brother Magness was immediately put to work by Pastor Henderson, becoming recording secretary tasked with writing as much of every Sunday morning message as he possibly could. Along with that, brother Magness was placed in the finance office as the Pastor had great trust in him. Brother Magness attended every service and was involved in any project the church had. He cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the floors, drove the church van, mowed the church yard and any other thing that was needed, doing what his hands found to do. Pastor Henderson poured into brother Magness with not only the Sunday Word and Bible classes, but took him to every event and program, explaining the proper way to go in and out among God’s people. Pastor Henderson gave personal teaching to the young man and he appreciated and took heed to these teachings. Brother Magness was eventually assigned as Young Peoples President that began with two participants and in three months time was over forty participants and thrived with willing and excited young people. After a few years Pastor Henderson reassigned the now Deacon Magness to Sunday School Superintendent that began with very few young pupils but through following the instruction of his Pastor and the move of God’s Spirit, the Mt. Zion Sunday School was bulging and brimming with young and old alike, more than quadrupling regular Sunday School attendance. Deacon Magness revealed to Pastor Henderson his calling to the ministry that The Lord had revealed to him only three months after his conversion, now seven years into his walk with Christ. Pastor Henderson was simply waiting for the acknowledgement of what she already knew. The vision was for an “appointed time” and even though Minister Magness had received the calling not long after his conversion, he knew the time was not yet. The vision came to him thrice before he accepted it. In each vision, a light without form sat on a throne and out from the throne came a bodily form that he recognized as the body of The Lord Jesus. In the hands of The Lord was a pillow, red in color with a sword laying on it. When The Lord drew near, he extended that sword while yet on the pillow. In the first two occurrences, brother Magness stood there simply looking at what was taking place. On the third vision the sword appeared to levitate and began to rise. As it appeared it could get out of reach, brother Magness reached out and grabbed it knowing he wanted whatever it represented. He knew, even then this represented The Word of God, the ability to put forth The Word by the direction of Jesus. Since the day of revealing to his Pastor his calling, The Word of God has not ceased to come forth when called upon to bring it. Minister Magness eventually became Elder Magness and continued doing all the things brother Magness did. He formed a group called the ZC’s (Zion’s Children) that went out to preach in the community. This group saw great things happen in the way of healing and salvation. Elder Magness became an associate Minister of Mt. Zion, being used for Sunday morning speaking and evangelism.

       On January 1st, 1998 Elder Magness was Ordained. In December of 1999, the then Bishop Sherman Taylor asked Elder Magness to come assist in his Ministry in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. In April of 2000, Elder Magness and his family began traveling from Oklahoma City to Okmulgee attending every Sunday Morning, Sunday evening Service, and Bible Class, with some Friday night services as well for the next year. In July of 2001, Bishop Taylor pressed upon Elder Magness to oversee an abandoned church in Muskogee, Oklahoma that he was no longer able to do the traveling for. So, Elder Magness began the trek to Muskogee beginning “Lively Stone Apostolic” with Wife Zondra, Children, Kocrese, Kiera, and Trey, and Mother in law, Evangelist Doris Davis. In five months of being in a drug trafficked and violent neighborhood the church grew to more than triple its membership upon arrival. The Magness family was there, rain, sleet or snow traveling from Oklahoma City every Sunday and Tuesday. After the passing of Bishop Sherman Taylor in December of 2001, Pastor Magness was asked to return to Mt. Calvary and brought into a meeting with the remaining congregation who voted to retain him as the next Pastor of Mt. Calvary Miracle Temple. Since that time Mt. Calvary experienced immediate numerical growth that was wiped out by several splits. After enduring those splits the church began once again to grow and Pastor Magness led the church back to the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World under the Diocese of Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Sr. after a gracious invitation to return. The church has since been a part of the 26th Episcopal District of Oklahoma. Pastor Magness has served on the Oklahoma State Council Executive Board as a Lay Director, Assistant Secretary, and Secretary. Pastor Magness was elevated to District Elder by Diocesan Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Sr. in the June Council of 2012. He currently serves as District Elder for District 6 within the 26th Episcopal District. District Elder Magnes, wife 1st Lady, Zondra Magness, children Kocrese, Kiera, Trey and Jaelin are committed to Mt. Calvary until the coming of The Lord Jesus.