It has been said that after creating the universe, God was pleased but lonely still
Therefore man was formed to give God praise of his own free will

In the garden was man, who spoke with God in the cool of the day
Man was content in praise by action and in all God did say

Then came a time God, man did not obey
O the loneliness my God must feel in this disarray

Free will to praise our Creator yet we choose praise of creation?
What an anathema, what lonely separation

In two parts He did so create us, man the body, man the living soul from His breath
He created our structure, then into it gave He vitality and intellect

Much more abundantly endowed than all creation by this breath of life
Shall He not have company with those for which He paid so heavy a price?

Shall God be our life’s only constant enjoying His good will
Then neglect to praise Him, leaving Him lonely still?

Shall we depend on the fruit of this land His strength gave us to till
Yet stray from His presence leaving Him lonely still?

Can we, having His Spirit becoming untouchable through His seal
Disallow His Company, leaving Him lonely still?

God stands at the hearts door knocking just wanting to come in
To sit with us, keep us company to the end

So, shall we lift up continual praise God can feel
Will we cry Abba Father or will He be lonely still?

Jesus through
Johnny C. Magness June 17th 2010