I was incredibly blessed to have attended services at Mt Calvary on Sunday Nov 13. Bruce Saxon, my wonderful friend of more than 40 years brought me with him to church that day. I’d been helping my mother in Oklahoma City and was spending a day with Bruce in Tulsa.

I’m still feeling the deep love and kindness that flowed from the terrific sermon and from every single person there that day who worshipped with such joy and appreciation and gratitude. You all lifted me up in a way I’ll never forget.

“Grant Williams – Guest”

My family and I have been attending Mount Calvary Miracle Temple Apostolic Church since 2012. I love going to this church! There are great people and wonderful staff.

“James Pope”

I grew up in Mt. Calvary as a kid I didn’t like it at all, if you want me to be honest. As I grew I noticed how much everyone in the church loved each other and it made me want to be a part of it. Not only is it love but there’s also the Spirit of God in this church. Now as a young man I can’t miss a Sunday, I love going to my church. Mt. Calvary is my home away from home.

“Joseph Gentry Jr”

Mount Calvary is the place to be! It’s word centered! Truth and the way to heaven through Jesus name baptism and the infilling of the Spirit of God is taught there. The fellowship of like minded people of God is there! Where the Spirit of the Lord is I want to be there.

“Sis Patricia Fox”